• Simplified quick fit hose connections.

  • High specification 64 Bit PC with Windows 10 Professional.

  • 24" Industrial grade touch screen panel mount monitor.

  • Pre-written test scripts compiled by experienced "hands-on" valve body rebuilders.

  • Free unrivaled back up support service included with every system.

  • 100% United Kingdom manufacture with elaborated original technology mastered and enhanced over years.

  • Ease of updates (Software) – systems designed for remote login capability to update and correct software issues.

  • Ease of updates (Hardware) – North American support to work with customers on machine updates. Onsite service available if required.

  • Ease of Use – On site technical training available. 


Our in house developed software allow a user to run a series of tests to check the performance of a valve body at various gears and pressures for proper operation. Simply put, the user can emulate transmission performance of the actual vehicle. Our team has diligently written scripts for all supported valve bodies that the controller uses to perform a standard test sequence to the unit under test. By running a used valve body through a series of carefully written steps and recording the pressures, the system gives the operator a graphical display of the unit under test compared to an original new valve body of the same model. This comparison makes it possible for valve body rebuilders to determine the exact source of valve body problems - be it a damaged solenoid, a worn valve and bore, or plunger. 

HT-VBTs have become an essential step in automatic transmission rebuilding and remanufacturing process, giving a prominent advantage to transmission rebuilding services. 


The Hydra-Test Unit Controller functions as the "brain" of the testing system. Its performance and accuracy allow a rebuilder the ability to definitively check the quality of the valve body rebuilding process. The HTC-S Controller allows the most precise and detailed graphs of any of our systems to date and meet or exceed our industry’s testing requirements. With the help of our experienced engineers we have taken our original VBDaq+ concept and improved both the Hardware and Software. This has been achieved whilst still retaining the ease of operation. Ideas and features developed internally, as well as those from customer and industry feedback have been incorporated into the design whilst retaining the original architecture and logic. For example, our very own “easy limits” percentage calculator software feature allows an easy way to set limits for testing and is a favorite among many customers.

Library of Reference Results

The vast experience of the Hydra-Test team collected over the years has allowed us to accumulate a large database of test results. Based on this, we have created an extensive library of reference results, which include tests for all of the common automatic transmission models available in the market today. This library allows new users with at a novice level of test experience to successfully be able to test and qualify solenoids. As for professionals, they are given a vast library good test samples and statistics for scrutiny for any unusual “non-standard” behavior of tested solenoids. This significantly reduces the rejection of “suspicious” solenoids, giving the operator confidence in the results that they achieve. The reference results provided with the purchase are also templates for users to create their own library from, making the process simple and entertaining.


Hydra-Test offers an ever-increasing line of valve body test plates that allow you to test the valve body hydraulically, just like it performs in the vehicle while being able to see leaks, potential wear, or other valve body issues that would be impossible otherwise. Our dedicated engineering staff is continually developing new test plates to cover the latest transmissions on the market before they get to your shop. These plates are made from precision ground aluminum to keep them light and easy to install in the machine. Steel thread inserts and steel braided hoses mean these plates will last many years and can handle the daily wear and tear of service. High quality quick connect hose connections to the machine allow for leak free and secure connections for accurate readings.



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