With over 2 decades of experience in advanced Valve Body testing, Automatic Transmission testing and Torque converter reman equipment manufacturing we have developed our newest modular HTC-S controller system for data acquisition and processing. 


We are fully taking on transmission dyno projects with 100% own development. Our team has numbers of successfull integration of HTC-K Controller on transmission test benches produced by 3rd parties. Nowadays, we are taking up custom-built projects to satisfy a wide range of customers' requirements in terms of transmission testing from light to heavy duty industrial transmissions.

The Hydra-Test transmission dyno has been designed with your applications in mind. Weather you are doing strictly automotive units, large on or off highway units, or even high-volume fleet units we can build a test system that meets your needs and give you the result sand performance you need. Contact us today and let us quote a test stand you can rely on for many years. 

Custom built Light and Medium Duty Transmission Dyno

  • Fully automated test scripts 

  • Allows complete simulation of light, medium and heavy duty load operation modes

  • HTC-S controller unit is used to drive transmission and gather data during the test. 

  • HTC-S Software Package allows to compare gathered data with master data after the test is completed.

  • Includes required number of load cells (500 N/m) and a rotary drive unit with a powerful electric motor (30 kW) as well as separated tanks for standard and specific fluids.

  • For efficient operation, the stand is equipped with a 40-HP engine and a modern VFD (variable frequency drive). This allows for the operator to hear extrinsic sounds as well as identify other problems associated with extrinsic sounds of the gearbox.

  • The design makes it easy to control the motor and load cells in both manual and automatic modes – via the integrated control system 

  • The dynamometer chassis has built-in electronic pressure sensors. This allows the use of standard hoses for connection to the oil ports of the transmission.

  • DST 1.1 is equipped with a electric disk brake. This is an effective locking device, which allows carrying out of tests on the integrity of all components.

  • The stand is equipped with a cantilever-rotary lifting device (jib crane), which greatly facilitates the installation and removal of transmissions.


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