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Hydra-Test is a worldwide renowned brand that unites several test equipment solutions intended for top-class Automatic Transmission and Valve Body rebuilding. From mid 1990s and on, our products have been supplied to large remanufacturing businesses from USA and Western Europe, international OEM companies, as well as medium-scale and family-owned repair shops from all across the globe.




The top of the line machine is HT-VBT Deluxe, which allows professional rebuilders worldwide to conduct thorough testing of the most popular modern Valve Body models and individual solenoids. We provide the most expanded range of ready testing solutions and we constantly add new plate developments to the array, including most popular new US domestic models, globally popular CVT’s and DSG’s.

A more recent addition to the product range is HT-SOL, which is a stand-alone bench-type tool engineered for comprehensive high temp testing of transmission solenoids.

The HT2000 unit completes the Hydra-Test range; it is a portable solution designed to check automatics’ internal clutch and brake circuit integrity.




1990s – Establishment of Hydra-Test Ltd. and supplies to UK and Western Europe.


2000s – Introduction of revolutionary VBDaq and VBDaq+ controller systems, advancing the testing methods and performance data processing, development of new test plates.


Early 2010s – global expansion of client network, experiments with mechatronics units testing, debunking common industry misperceptions, establishment of solid most reliable relations with clients by means of impeccable client service policy.


Late 2010s:


2016 – Launch of cutting-edge HTC controller design replacing all previous generations of data acquisition systems and permitting Hydra-Test excel in support of 3rd party products (dynos and VB test stands).


2017 – Presentation of the new line of equipment for torque converter rebuilding, under the brand Hydra-Torque.


2018 – Launch of the Hydra-Dyno technology, comprising advanced features of conventional Dynamometer, tailored to Clients’ needs.


2019 – Establishment of Hydra-Test USA, headquartered in Santa Ana, CA, and the Hydra-Torque Llc company in Belarus.


The USA team is led by Garrett Herning, an industry veteran with service record at Axiline, Zoom Technology, Power-Test.

One of the firs machines ever produced by Hydra-Test

Alan Smith - managing director of Hydra-Test UK

Garrett Herning - head of Hydra-Test USA 

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